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Innovative Activities

Innovative Activities carried out  under ATMA in Tinsukia District

  • All activities and success stories under CSS-ATMA in Tinsukia district are uploaded in a blog name “amta batori”. This blog was created in 2015. Any suggestion and query from farmer’s level or others can be sending through email id ätmatsk@gmail.com and accordingly feedback is send to the recipient.

  • A Hands on Demonstration on vaccination of poultry and pig was given by ATMA EXTENTION STAFF (AES) to few participant farmers who shall disseminate the knowledge in future to the fellow participants and also act as Resource person locally.




District Agricultural Officer

Innovative Activities Undertaken by ATMA in Golaghat District

Sl NoComponentsDetails
1Name of the FarmerMohendra Bora
2Address:C/o Mr Rupeswar Bora
 Village:2 No. Mahimelia Gaon
 Post:Habisukia - 785603
3Contact Details9854641632
4Details of the Farm (Size, Location,Water availability etc.)12 cross breed jersy and feasian breed cows 
5Membership in Self-Help Group Producers Cooperative/Company, Cooperative society, etc. (Give Details)President of Ghiladhari Dugdha Utpadon Samabai Samiti
6Name of the Central Sector/State Scheme utilized by the farmers and the periodCSS-ATMA, 2015-2016
7Technologies/Good/Agricultural Practices/Facilities/Benefits obtained with detailsPackaging material such as brand name printed poly packets, electronic weighing balance, sealing machine etc. were provided for the marketing of PANEER.
8Details of result obtained due to the adoption of technologies (only for Paneer)2015-162016-172017-18 Upto May
iProduction per day3 Kg8 Kg25 Kg
iiPrice obtained Rs. 280/-Rs. 300/-Rs. 340/-
iiiPer day income (Gross)Rs. 840/-Rs. 2,400/-RS. 8,500/-
9Marketing Strategy- Acess to market (through Private, Cooperative, Contract Farming, etcContact dealers and shops located in Golaghat and Furkating towns and also in the markets of Balijan, Goronga. The farmer is also in touch with Chefs (Karikors) of various event management groups
Export Market (details of exports made)N/A
10Factors contributing to successa) The farmer had all potential (farm animals and infrastructure such as deep fridge, paneer making equipments, electronic weighing balance, sealing machine, etc.)                                                                             b) The sale process boosted since 2015-16 due to the unveiling of poly packets in the Agri Fest organised in the district headquater. 
11Any other relevant informationPhotographs attached

 Photographs of Paneer Processing and Marketing by Mohendra Bora, ATMA Beneficiary


District Agricultural Officer